1.12.16 Offshore Chet J

Jan. 12, 2012 Fishing Report – Chet

Capt. Dave Taylor invited Frank B., Mike S. & Chet J. for an offshore trip today.

Since there was a negative tide in the morning we did not leave the dock until 10AM.

On our way offshore we spotted a flock of birds picking up bait fish in about 10 feet of water. We trolled that area for about 20 minutes but the water was really dirty brown so we continued father offshore. Our next stop was in 35 feet where the water as not as dirty. At that spot Frank caught a couple of sea bass and Chet caught a 12 inch Squirrel fish. From there we shot out 55 ft. where the water was clear. Chet used his Squirrel fish as bait and hooked into a 27 inch Gag Grouper. While he was fighting his fish Fran hooked up with a 22 inch Gag. Mike & Dave brought in a couple nice Sea Bass. Other fish caught included a grunt more bass and another smaller Gag. The weather and seas were surprising good. All in all it was a good day fishing with great friends. Thank you Capt. Dave!

1.12.13 Chet J

1.12.13 Chet J