10.6.17 Inshore

Name of Captain jim T
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 10-06-2017
Your Name rick Uffa
Your Fishing Report: If this is a tournament report do not state the fish’s length in this box. State the length and species in the box below Jim T. invited me and Georgia M out for a day on the water. We got on the water  on the beginning of the  high tide, so we went out to a few difference markers out in the gulf. Georgia hooked up  on the first cobia which was only 31″ Then we kept moving from 1 marker to another. I had a big one on was tearing line off the reel and  cut me off as he swam towards the  marker. Then Georgia hooked up onto another one, this one was a keeper.

Jim landed 2 small ones, and Georgia missed another one, it hit here lure right at the boat.

We were using 3/8 oz jig heads with difference color grubs. ( white, orange, white with red tail)

It was a little windy, but Jim’s boat was big enough to enjoy fishing in the 2′ waves.

Georgia and I want to thank Jim for taking both of us out.

This is the first time I fished with Georgia and she can handle herself, so if any body from the club wants to take her out, she would appreciate it very much.

Rick Uffa

Georgia 10.6.17a

Georgia 10.6.17b