11.11.15 Offshore Report. FAB

Dave Taylor captained an outing of grouper fishing today with Mike S, Rick U, Terry F and myself.  We started out of Hudson on low tide and encountered very shallow conditions in the channel heading out.  Once we cleared Marker 1 we saw we were following Mike K.  The seas were rough in the morning but by 10:30 am they had calmed considerably.  At our first stop in 30ft of water we all caught some short gags and a red.  We moved several times going into deeper water where mackerel, grunts and sea bass where caught.  We headed back to our original spot but it was dead high tide and there was no action so we headed home.  We used live and frozen pin fish,  cut bait, sardines and squid.  I even broke out a red and white bucktail my grandson had tied for me and it caught a few grunts but there were no big grouper hits.  Terry did catch a good size mangrove snapper and a Dave a good size Mackerel.  The important part was it was another great day on the water except for a bump in the channel Dave’s port engine had.

Frank B