11.13.15 Inshore Tom C

Tom Contino
Date you went fishing 11-13-2015
Well Chuck Eley and I got loaded for bear to fish the Pasco Reef. While on our way out we started by trolling the river using Rapala Tail Dancers. Chuck nailed a Jack Cravell but when we got out of Anclote River the front was on us full speed. Decided to stay in shore. We fished the spoil islands off the ICW. We used asst. lures and shrimp. Chuck got a small Redfish, Trout and a WOPPER Flounder 19 inches,Biggest one I’ve seen here in 22 years. We were getting beat up and called it an early trip.

Chuck Eley's 19 inch Flounder 11.13

Chuck Eley’s 19 inch Flounder 11.13