11.16.15 Inshore Rick U

Mike Travic got his new boat and he invited me (Rick Uffa) on his first trip with it, and boys what a day he had.

Mike got his first trifecta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went out of the anclote river and first started catching ladies and small trout just out by buoy marker # 6 on white grubs. We got tired of catching small stuff,so then headed down to south channel of Gulf Harbors for some cobia , but no luck, then I took him into green key and anchored up on a oyster bed and chummed up a little bit and the fun began. It was Mike’s day to catch fish. He caught a few rat reds at first then landed a 26 3/4″ red, 21″ trout and the he thought he had a big sting ray on until he noticed it didn’t have a pointed tail on it, here it was a 22″ flounder. All I got was 2 skinny rats.

Today everything was biting on live pins, last trip there they would not hit a pins, only big shrimp, that is why this time of year you need to take both with you.

I hope mike you catch fish like this every time you go out and thank you for letting me come on the maiden voyage. I had a great time fishing with you.

rick Uffa

Mike T 11.15.15

Mike T 11.16.15


Mike T 11.16.15


Mike T 11.16.15

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