11.27.17 Offshore

Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 11-27-2017
Your Name Rick Uffa
Your Fishing Report: If this is a tournament report do not state the fish’s length in this box. State the length and species in the box below Mike Kaplan invited my and with his long time friend Joe to go off shore with him on Monday. We already had our pins caught so we  shot directly out to Mike hot spots.

I have to say it was probably  one on the worst  ride out we ever had, they called for 2-3′ waves, but as usually the weather lied. Most of the day we were fishing in 3-4′ waves, not fun to fish in, but Mike put us on some nice fish any way.

The first stop we all dropped on the bottom and I put out a free liner with a large pin fish on it. It wasn’t 3 minutes Mike  had a huge fish on, as he was bring it up my free liner was on too, here we both had  monster kings on, biggest I’ve caught.

We had a few more kings on but they managed to break our lines even  using steel leaders, Mike figures it was line fatigue, so today I’m checking all my lines for  frays on  them.

Beside that we were catching  HUGH A.J.’s, and they were hitting our pins on the bottom and our free liners. Between the 3 of us we must have caught 10 of them.

The grouper bite wasn’t good at all, we  only caught 4 grouper all day, and Mike got the only keeper. ( see pics).

We all caught some nice size grunts , they were hitting the  whole sardines we were using for grouper.

I enclosed a video of Mike bring in a big fish, he thought it was a another big King but it was ??? ( watch video notice how rough the seas were in the video.)

Joe  and I want to thank Mike  for a SAFE and fun day of fishing.

Rick Uffa