12.14.16 inshore

Name of Captain Frank Bellizio
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 12-14-2016
Your Name Frank Bellizio
Your Fishing Report Fred M, Butch K and I headed out of Tarpon Springs early today under overcast skies with hardly no wind.  Trolling out the Anclote Butch and Fred hooked up on several good fighting jacks but about the time we made it to Anclote river park we wanted trout.  We fished several spots in front of the power plant and caught quiet a few short trout.  The decision was made to head out to Marker 4 for mackerel but we came on some crab traps on the way there in the middle of the channel so we stopped and fished.  The mackerel slapped us hard cutting off line and leaders left and right.  For some reason the mackerel wouldn’t go near the metal leader so a long shank hook with 80lb leader solved the problem we boated shorts and 4 keepers in less than a half hour.  We looked around and heavy fog was rolling in from offshore so we called it a day and headed in.  We only fished for about 4 hours but caught quite a few fish.  It was a great day on the water with friends.

Oh on a side note:  Rick U, as I told you last night the mackerel are still here and they are not all small.

If this report includes a tournament entry please state the species and lenth of the fish caught in this box. FB 231/2 Spanish Mackerel fish of the month

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