12.16.16 Inshore

Name of Captain Mike Brumley
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 12-16-2016
Your Name Mike Brumley
Your Fishing Report Mike D and Mike B – We went out at what was supposed to be 2 hours prior to low tide.  We couldn’t get to our planned spot in the mangroves since water was too low.  After we got ourselves extracted from the shallows we headed out 3-4 miles in front of Gulf Harbors around the crab traps.  We threw weighted silver spoons and white grubs on jig heads.  Caught 12 or so decent Mackerel, a 13 ” Black Sea Bass and a bunch of junk fish.  Got bit off a few times but wire would keep them away so had to deal with it.
If this report includes a tournament entry please state the species and lenth of the fish caught in this box. Fish of the Month December is Mackerel and I caught a 21″ Spanish Mackerel

Mike B 12.16.16