12.19.17 Offshore

Name of Captain Jim Turkill
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 12-19-2017
Your Name Rick Uffa
Jim T. invited my-self , Mike Brumley and a friend Sean to go out with him.

We set our pin fish trap the night before and picked them up in the morning, The tide was soo low Jim got the boat stuck picking up the traps,  so we all got up in the bow and  Jim  put the boat into gear  and with all the weight on the front the  boat unstuck.

And as for the weather, you could not see 100′ in front of you, so Jim took a slow ride out 20 miles. On the way home Jim made up for the time we lost going out, cruising at 38 knots.

At our first spot we caught 10 gags grouper and of which 3 were keepers, then we moved around  and caught grouper at most spots but small ones. We did end up all catching a keeper gag. When the fog finally raised, we thought we were the only boat out there, but to our surprise  there were 9 other boats  within 1/4 to 1  mile of us.

We had all kinds of bait, but they only wanted med size live pin fish.

We also caught about 5-6 nice size ars, all over 20″, and i was using a chicken rig on a light rod and  caught 10-13 nice size grunts.

One thing that was great out there, was the tide, it was moving very quickly for most of the day, so i think that helped the bite too.

We all want to thanks Jim T. for a great day of catching on the water.

Rick Uffa

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