12.2.15 Inshore Mike K

Full Name Mike Kaplan
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 12-02-2015
Fishing Report Mike K, Terry F and Mike’s friend Joe,went offshore gag grouper fishing for the last possible day this year before the season closes. After catching live bait, mostly squirrelfish, we went northwest for 35 miles. Fishing in 50 feet of water, we spent the rest of the day hooking fish too big to reel in and ,losing too many rigs to count. I even tried 10 feet of wire leader and they bit that off too! The biggest groupers of the day came up with just the heads, sharks got the rest. ┬áThe tally for the end of the day was 3 gag grouper 24 to 27 inches, 2 big grouper heads, a 33 inch kingfish, and misc. grunts. With sore arms and backs we headed for home at 4. Overall a good day and we will have plenty of time to make up new leaders before gag season opens in the summer.
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