12.4.16 Inshore

Name of Captain captaion Mike Desabrais
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 12-04-2016
Your Name Team Uffa
Your Fishing Report Team Uffa hooked up with Mike Desabrais and we left out of Hudson. The winds were  pretty high and  the seas were about 2 feet, but after 1 hr, it calm right down for the rest of the day.
At first the bite was slow then we found the mackerel. We must have caught at least 40-50 macks in 4hrs. Today they weren’t very big, 15-18″, but  manages to get 2 nice keepers.

They were hitting everything we threw at them. We lost 2 spoons , 2 plugs, and about 15  jigs on cut off. We were using 50 lb leader and  they cut right threw it, without you even feeling it.

We were fishing just outside of gulf harbors about 3 miles in 9-10′ of water.

Thanks Mike for a great day Of CATCHING  this time

Team Uffa

If this report includes a tournament entry please state the species and lenth of the fish caught in this box. 23″ Spanish mackerel for Rick Uffa
Rick U 12.4

Rick U 12.4