2.21.16 Offshore Jack H

Full Name Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 02-21-2016
Fishing Report Invited by friends in Hernando to fish offshore.  Met at ramp at 6:00 and motored carefully out the Hernando Beach Channel till daylight provided enough light to rum.  We ran to 106′ and caught several legal red grouper.  When the bite turned off, we ran to 126′ to a wreck in hopes of some mangos, but all we caught there were ARS and AJ’s.  Running back in to some numbers in 96′ we stopped and caught more ARS and some gags.  Found another ledge on the way home and caught more ARS and gags before calling it a day.  Water was less than 1′ all day and we ran 40 mph all day.
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2.21.16 Jack H 1

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