3-11-2016 Mike B

Full Name Mike Brumley
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 03-11-2016
Fishing Report Turned out to be a windy day with alot of water moving.  Rick U. and I went out in the skiff from Anclote River Park.  We headed up the river in search of some LadyFish to use as chum for cobia later.  We were skunked except for a bite off.  We headed out of the river to the first marker but winds were fierce and water cloudy so no bites.  We went to an area near the pier and tried for cobia but only caught a remore.  We then tried for reds for half an hour before heading to the barrels by the power plant.  We tied up to the barrels and finally got into some large Jack Crevalles.  Rick caught 4 and I caught 2.  We each had a break off of a nice one.  We also caught a few lady fish all on free lined shrimp and pin fish.  Nearby we saw two nice greater than 20 inch permit caught.  One on lures and one on shrimp.  So nothing exciting but a safe fun day on the water with a couple of beers and a fishing buddy.