3.12.15 Fishing Report Chet J

Chet & Mike Kaplan left Nicks park dock on Jim McCarthy’s beautiful new Epic Bay boat at 9am. No luck getting bait at marker 22 so we shot over to 7X where Mike threw the net to only find pin fish. First stop was the shore line south of Anclote river where we caught some Jacks. We moved around that same area and started catching undersized Trout. We then headed back north to Energy Management were we caught many undersize and a few keeper sized which we returned them to the Gulf. That is where I messed up de-hooking a nice trout from a Mirodine lure. The fish came off but the hook buried deep in the back of my thumb. My buddy Mike was brave enough to try to remove the hook by trying to push it all the way thru to break the barb. After a few unsuccessful, painful tries. That is when I remembered we had a doctor as a speaker at one of our meeting who demonstrated how to remove a hook like this. Again Mike followed the instructions as I remembered them and without any pain the hook flew out.

Thank GOD and Thank you Mike!

After that fiasco we moved around in the EMC looking for Reds with no luck. We the tried for Reds along the shore line south of the Cottee. Most of the action was on Mirodine lures. We finally called it a day about 4pm. The weather was beautiful, fishing with friends was great, and we did have some ACTION!

If you have the stomach to watch this video it is exactly where the hook was in my thumb and it shows how we removed it. The video is not me and for some strange reason Jim did NOT have any whiskey aboard!

How to remove a Hook

Removing hook explanation