3.29.16 Inshore Frank B

Fred M and I headed out of Anclote River Park at around 10:30 am for a short day of fishing. We headed to some mid north/south channel spots but it was very windy and quite rough so we headed in to fish the flats in front of the power plant. We caught lots of small trout all on plastic, mostly white in color. We did have shrimp but plastic seemed to work best. Fred had the hot hand this day and caught 3 nice keeper trout 16″ to 18″ long. We crossed the Anclote channel and started fishing of the spoiler islands when Fred tied into something with a lot of back. Fred fought the fish for 20 minutes while I maneuvered the boat to keep the fish in range. Finally Fred bought his catch to the surface and it was a sting ray about 31/2′ that was foul hooked. We retrieved the jig and the ray was on his way but it was a great end to a day of fishing.