3.3.16 Inshore Jack H

Full Name Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 03-03-2016
Fishing Report Chet Jasak & I took Dave Cuddeback out the Cotee River looking for trout, reds and snook.  Close to Durney Key, I made the first cast of the day and landed a nice fat 19″ trout.  It’s always a bad omen to catch a fish on the first cast of the day, and it proved true because that was all we caught the rest of the day.
Actually, I caught a needlefish and Dave caught a blowfish, but that was it.  We did see a couple of schools of BIG redfish to keep the day interesting, but could not get them to eat.
If this report includes a tournament entry please state the species and lenth of the fish caught in this box. 19″ trout

3.3.16 Jack H