3.7.16 Inshore Jean U

Full Name Jean Uffa
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 03-07-2016
Fishing Report Rick & I (Jean Uffa) got invited to fish with mike Brumley today.

We started fishing just outside of Anclote  river and  were catching some small trout and a few ladies. Then we went into our honey red hole, but there were 5 boats in there so we only fished 1/2hr and didn’t get a bite, so we left and went to our cobia hole. Rick saw a 4′ cobia swimming around the boat but it didn’t bite. But I  did catch a 23″ cobia and missed  one. We were using live pins when we caught the cobia.

it was just a beautiful day to fish, warm and fairly calm.

Thanks  for the fun day of fishing captain Mike.

Jean Uffa

If this report includes a tournament entry please state the species and lenth of the fish caught in this box. cobia  23″

3.7.16 Jean u