3.8.16 Inshore Bob B

Full Name Bob Bernstein
Date you went fishing 03-08-2016
Fishing Report Frank B and I went fishing today out the Anclote River. The winds were low as we headed out but mid morning it really got windy. We caught several ladyfish in the river and headed out to the Anclote Key sand bar. We couldn’t find any fish so we started across to the main land and came on some small trout, blow fish and Frank caught a nice size mackerel. We moved to the south side of the Anclote channel and fished the small islands where I hooked a 21″ Redfish. We stopped on the river on the way in and hooked up with a couple more ladyfish. All and all a great day on the water.
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Record for tournament

Frank B 20″ Mackerel
Bob B 21″ Redfish


Bob B 3.8.16


Frank B 3.8.16