4.13.16 Jack H

Full Name Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 04-13-2016
Fishing Report I got off work at 4:00 and a couple hours later had the boat in the water idling out the Cotee River for a quick after work trip. I fished the shoreline from the Cotee down to the creek mouth to Manor Beach, then ran out to the stilt houses and drifted back toward shore.

Caught a couple short trout, a couple keeper sized trout, a bunch of ladyfish and had three snook strikes, all on a Zara Spook Jr. ONe snook was stuck for out 30 seconds, the other two never got a hook in them. That’s the problem with fishing topwaters, when a fish comes up fast to strike at teh plug, it many times pushes the plug out of the way with it’s bow wake.