4.7.16 Conservation Law Breakers – Barry C

Your Name Barry Crabtree
Your E-mail Address bcrabs@comcast.net
Phone Number (810) 599-0964
Your Message I wanted to pass this along to the members. Last Thursday, 4-7-16 I was fishing out of Brasher Park In Port Richey, back near the Science center. A mullet boat came back in around noon and they
proceeded to net and clean the place out making cast after cast in the holes back there and dropping everything out of the net into the bottom of the boat. This went on for close to half and hour and they started within casting range of my kayak.
Unfortunately most of the fish back there can be netted except Mangrove Snapper and I’m sure they and other under size fish went into that boat, Sheepshead and Black Drum. When they left maybe they stopped and sorted everything out and returned the live fish to the water? I sure would have liked to have seen a FWC boat come along and helped them with that. Two weeks ago I talked with a water front owner along Green Key Rd. and he told me of the same thing is happening there. The mullet boat number is FL3449RA and the FWC number is 813-558-5050 hit 7 for dispatch. I didn’t have the number that day and of course they have to catch them in the act.