4.7.16 Offshore Jack H

Full Name Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 04-06-2016
Fishing Report Gary Anderson, Bob Sherley, a friend Tom Kemp and I made our annual trip to fish with Capt Bouncer Smith out of Miami Beach Marina on Wednesday, 4/6/16. We left our homes in New Port Richey and drove to Miami in GAry’s new truck with ALL the bells and whistles, ┬áchecking into the motel, and then visiting Capt Harry’s and Crook & Crook tackle stores before dinner at Havana Harry;s in the Coral Gables. While there we ordered some Cuban sandwiches for lunch the next day. If you haven’t had their Cubans, try one they are great.

The next morning it was blowing hard, 20 knots plus, all day, and seas were 4′-6′ with an occasional 8′-10′ thrown in for good luck. We met Capt Bouncer at his boat at 7:00 and after waiting a short time for ice, we were off to catch bait at the Bent Range Marker. (Thanks Bruce Marx) Bouncer purchased a bunch of gogs and we sabikied up about 40 threadfin in a flash, and took off eastbound for the Miami Sea Buoy. This is where I caught my first sailfish many many years ago. With the strong breeze, Mate AB opted for the extra strong wind Lewis kites but even then had some problems, breaking one kite string and dumping another kite in the water until the bridle was reset, but eventually we had two kites flying with two baits on each.

Gary was first up and shortly thereafter, one of the baits disappeared in a splash and Gary brought a nice blackfin to the boat. It ate a big gog, IMHO, way too big a bait for a tuna this size, but who am I to second guess this fish, it was hungry. I was next up on the bite and a while later another bait disappeared in a splash. This time it was a dolphin, a BIG dolphin that grayhounded like a sailfish deep into the spool. While fighting this fish, AB was having trouble pulling the sea anchor as the trip line broke loose and he had to pull this monster in while fully open. I was paying attention to the fish and did not know this was going on behind my back. AB finally got the bag in and we went after the fish, which back at the dock, weighed in at a respectable 29 pounds. As the day wore on, Tom fought a hammerhead for about 45 minutes until the hook pulled at the boat, Gary fought a silky shark while sitting on the deck (he was giving lessons on how to fight a fish in rough seas ), Bob caught his personal best dolphin at 13# (he’s a west coast fisherman and does not see that many dolphin) I caught a sail, and we caught a couple bonita to end the day. All in all, we had a great day with Capt Bouncer, but then again, how could one have anything but a great day fishing with Bouncer.

We ended the day with a fabulous dinner of prime rib at 94th Aereo Squadron.


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