7.16.17 Offshore

Name of Captain mike Kaplan
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 07-16-2017
Your Name rick Uffa
Team Uffa and Mike Brumley, got invited to fish with Mike K on a off shore trip. We met at Nick’s park at  normal time, zero A. M. We already had our pin fish so we went directly  to Mike’s fishing grounds.

AGAIN the Sea gods were  extremely nice to us both out and back, but whipped our asses with the extreme high heat and no breeze all day.

We were fishing  in about 100-110′ of water all day, and using everything for bait, frozen threads, live pins and  squid.The bite was very slow. So Mike as usually kept moving around to find the fish, the problem was he found them at every stop, but they would not bite. (Mike thinks it was a tide thing again)

It had to be at least 4 hrs before we had our first real fish in the fish box. But by the time we quit, the box was pretty well filled.


First of all, the 2 Mike’s and Jean all had monster  fish on but could not get them off the bottom and  all of them broke their lines.

The bragging rights went to  both Jean and Mike B for the biggest catches of the day. Mike B caught the 2 biggest fish, a red grouper and ARS, but Jean had the best day. She limited out on ARS, red grouper and picked up a few Mahi’s, a cobia and had a 50″+ Barracuda on for about 10 seconds, and you should have heard her reel screaming, before her line broke. Congrats to you both.

I ( Rick) got the biggest fish of the day, A hugh cobia, It hit a 5″ live pin fish on the bottom in 105′ of water, and within  10 seconds of  getting him on my line it was on the top of the water jumping, and as usual Mike K gaffed  the cobia beautifully  in 1 try.

Jim McCarthy please note our arms aren’t stretched out a mile on the  pics.

Team Uffa and Mike B. want to thank Mike for a safe and great day of CATCHING.

Rick Uffa

Mike K 7.16.17

Rick 7.16.17b