6.29.15 Fishing Report Jim M

2015-6 Jim's Fish1 DSCF1318 DSCF1326Jerry and I  took my boat to the keys. I did not know what to expect everything worked out really good with my boat. The first day fishing we found a lot of dolphin and 850 foot water. We caught some but we were looking for bigger dolphin. Second day we went out 25 miles 1500 foot. We found some birds and we started catching some bigger dolphin.  We thought it was going to be easy because there were so many boats down there, but we could not find anybody out fishing.  The weather was great and boat ran good. It was hard because we only had two guys on the boat. We wound up catching a lot of small dolphin, as many as we want, but you have to remember you have to clean them. Hopefully next year we could find somebody that would like to go to the keys for couple days when the weather is just right.