6.5.15 Fishing Report Mike K

On the 1st day of red snapper season, Mike Spanhel, Mike Brumley and myself headed out 60 miles in search of red snapper. After checking out a few spots with no success we managed to find a large area with bait on the top and fish stacked up from top to bottom. We basically stayed in this same area for the rest of the day. The water was flat calm with almost no wind at all. The water was 125 feet deep and every drop resulted in a fish being hooked.. By the end of the day we had caught 4 or 5 big amberjack, 7 gag grouper to 31inches, 5 red snapper and 2 small sharks. We were using live pinfish, sardines and squid. The grouper and jacks liked the live bait and the red snapper liked the squid and sardines. We pulled anchor at  345 and headed back to the dock. We were lucky and missed all the rain. A long run but productive.

6.5 Mike k