7-10-15 Fishing Report Frank B

Friday morning Capt. Dave Taylor along with Bill H and I went out on the “Seas The Moment” grouper fishing. We stopped to catch some live bait and the bait was biting rapidly giving us hope that the bite would be on for grouper when we got out in deeper water. We fished all day in water from 25′ to 65′ and could see the fish on the bottom. Aside from a couple small grunts and black bass nothing much was happening. On the way back in we ran into a school of fish working the surface. They appeared to be 3′ to 4′ in length from what we could see. We are not sure what they were but we trolled through them several times with spoons and jigs on with no bites. The school disbursed and we headed back in with no luck. It was a good day on the water with friends but the fishing was slow.