8.18.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 08-18-2017
Your Name Jack Hexter
At 6:30, Mike Spanhel, Bill Hilt ang Gary Melton met Jack Hexter at Chet’s dock where his boat was docked.  They took off out the Cotree and collected pinfish from the traps that Jack had placed the evening before.  Then we all settled in for a 2 hour run to the 44 wreck in 110′ of water.  Jack has 2 numbers within several hundred feet of each other for this wreck, but it was a no-show.  It did not appear on the bottom machine at all, but numerous fish did appear, so after drifting the area a few times they finally dropped the anchor and picked away at the fish on the screen.  This resulted in boating 1 ARS, 4 Mangroves, 1 Yellowtail, several short red grouper and a short scamp Grouper.  Jack had fished a spot about 1/2 way in both in his boat and on Mike Spanhel’s boat a coupe times in the last month, both times it produced ARS.  So, about noon, we took off for that spot, but the weather had other plans and we were ( and did pass thru a very heavy rain storm ( no thunder or lightening, but some brisk winds.  This caused a slow run to the spot in 73′ but by the time they arrived, the sun had returned and winds had diminished to some extent.  Fish showed on the bottom machine, but a half dozen or more drops resulted in only 2 more short red grouper so Jack pulled the plug and turnerd the boat back toward Port Richey, and right into another rainstorm.  This cleared about the time they got to the headpin at the Cotee River.  It was a fun, soggy and not very productive day.  At least we know the 44 Wreck does not exist anymore