9.12.15 Fishing Report Tim Boros

9.12 Rick U

Rick U Mackerel

So we went out early morning on a rising tide with Rick U , and his young friend Matt .
We fished 3 to 4 feet of water . It was cloudy and we had a light rain . We could not locate the trout bite . Rick caught a huge 25 in Mackarel , I think it is a Spanish , but a friend said the size and colors could make it a Cero . We had to chase it with the motor , because it was taking out line fast . Then we set up for reds near th oyster bars , but they were a no show. The water came alive with bait soon , and we hooked some spinner sharks landing one . Later we tried by the Sand Bar , there was not a steady bite . Lady Fish , Spanish Mackarel , and Snapper was caught .
Here is what I do with the shark . I only keep one , once or twice a year . Control the fish by covering it’s eyes with a towel . Remove the hook with a plier , staying away from the teeth . Open the belly with a sharp knife, remove the guts , cut the inner membrane , wash it in sea water , and store it on ice right away .
I will include recepies for cooking it next time .