9.20.17 Offshore

Name of Captain Mike Kaplan
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 09-20-2017
Your Name Rick Uffa
Mike Brumley & my-self ( rick Uffa) got invited out with Mike for a off shore trip. As usual early departure at Nick’s park.

The sea gods were extra special to us on the way out, flat as a pancake all the way out, but she show her furry on the way home. Mike said was suppose to be only 10 KNOTS with a east wind, WRONG is was more like 15-20  and to boot it was a north wind. It was the roughest ride we ever had coming in. Almost 3 hrs to go 45 miles.

The fish bite was good, we got 5 keeper red grouper with Mike B getting the biggest one. The smallest one was 24″.  We could have limited out on ARS if they were still open and they were all nice ones too. We were catching them on  live pins and  frozen sardines.

I video taped the catch of the day. But I had the  camera set a little too high, so it’s not that great of a video.

Mike and Rick 9.20

Mike B 9.20

Mike K 9.20.b

Mike K 9.20

Mike B and I want to thank Mike for a good day of catching and safe day on the water.

Rick Uffa