9.21.15 Fishing Report Mike K

9.21.15 Ernie p 2

Ernie P

9.21.15 Ernie P

Ernie P

9.21.15 Mike K, Ernie P, Mike S

Ernie P, Mike K, Mike S

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, Mike K Mike S and Ernie P, Launched at Anclote Park, caught some live bait at Marker 7X and headed west. After 2 hours of running, we anchored in 100  feet of water. After a slow start We began getting some nice red grouper and mixed snappers including some red snappers which we released. By 230, after changing spots a few times we pulled anchor and started home. we had our limit of red grouper and the and the fish box was full. Ernie P caught the biggest grouper of the day and it was a beast. Dead sardines and live pinfish were the baits of choi ce. Jack H and Bob S  were  fishing in the area with us and also had a good day.