9.22.15 Fishing report Jerry L

First of alI, I am an avid fisherman. Not necessarily a good one, but avid just the same. I belong to two fishing clubs, listened to countless presentations by Charter Captains and watch all the fishing shows on TV. I secure my leader to the line with a FG knot and my lure to the leader with a perfect loop knot. I have enough hard baits, soft baits, spoons and spinners to fill a kayak. I believe in netting enough live bait to last a year then being in position and ready to fish before sunrise. I fish with three rods to triple my chances of getting lucky.

My wife Renee likes to fish too but she’s not what you would call “avid”. Her tackle is simple. An orange bead and a hook attached to a swivel snap tied to the leader with a granny knot. Actually, I think it’s some kind of sewing knot. Bait is shrimp. Pure and simple. Doesn’t matter what it costs. Nothing else will do. The only other weapons in her arsenal are a pink or blue “lucky”fishing hat and her “lucky” fishing bra. She never goes fishing without them. She takes 2 rods in the kayak but only fishes with one at a time. Claims that they get tangled. She says there is no point in going out too early because the fish don’t start biting until 10:00 anyway.

Renee doesn’t mind if I fish with my buddies as often as I want, as long as I get up quietly and take her fishing once in a while. I like fishing with her but every time we go out together she catches more and bigger fish than I do. I know it’s just luck so I don’t mind. Besides, as I explained to her, fishing is all about having fun. It doesn’t matter who catches the most or biggest fish as long as we are having fun.

On Tuesday, Renee and I launched our kayaks at Anclote around 7:30am. I wanted 6:00am. She wanted 9:00am. We compromised. We fished our usual secret lucky spot where Renee caught 2 undersized reds and I caught one. When the tide went out, we went to the spoil islands in the river and around 11:00am she caught a 26 9/10″ redfish. Not her biggest, but her biggest keeper. She said she could have slept a couple more hours.

Once I got my lines untangled, I caught a crevalle jack on a cut up grunt that she gave me. But, that’s ok because it’s all about having fun. She had a lot more fun than I did but it was a learning experience for me.

If you happen to see me in my kayak wearing a pink hat and a bra, please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m only trying to catch a damn fish.

Jerry L 9.22

Jerry l 9.22.15