9.28.17 Offshore

Name of Captain Mike Kaplan
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 09-28-2017
Your Name Rick Uffa
Mike K invited My-self ( rick), Mike B. and Jim T for a day of early morning fishing, we left  5:30y out of Nicks park and  we  picked up our pin fish traps we set the day before and had plenty of them, So we head west 40+ miles, The sea gods to nice to us  out and back.

It was  probably the worst day of fishing we every had with Mike. We hit 6-7 spots and the fish were there, but no cooperating, by 2:00 p.m. we were disgusted, hot and ready to call it a day, but Mike  wanted to try one more spot, so he drove around for 20 minutes and finally saw some fish on the screen.

So we  anchored  up, thinking the same, no fish, but as soon as Mike B dropped his line, he got a nice ARS,  (see video), and Mike  and Jim were bring in  some keeper red grouper , nothing to brad about but keepers. Long story short, we filled the fish box in 1 1/2 of  nice mangrove snappers, 16-22″, sea bass  up to 16″ and  a pile of  nice size lane snappers, We could have stayed and caught more, but  out of no where the sharks came in,  so we decided to call it a day.

We all want to thank Mike for  not giving up and making our day a success.

We got back to the dock at 7ish, It was the longest trip we every had.

Rick Uffa

Rick U 9.28.17 a

Rick U 9.28.17 b

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