Chet Tourn. Report

We left my dock with Jack & Bob S. at 6:30am. First stop was to get the pinfish out of the traps we put out the night before. We started off by going south, fishing Sand bay, between the North & South channels of Gulf Harbors, outside the GH N. Channel barrier island, a spot between Cottee River channel & Marker 4, then by the stilt housed on the N. side of the Cottee. We ended up with 3 nice reds (taking 1st & 3rd place), 6 Mangrove Snappers (taking 1st & 2nd Place) 1st place Spanish Mackerel and the 13#12oz. Cobia pool winner. We also got trout and other miscellaneous species. Reds were caught on pin fish, Snapper & Mackerel on shrimp with a chum bag, and other species on lurers & jigs. Returned back to my dock around 2:30 then off to the weigh-in at Nicks park.IMG_20151010_151828193