Fishing Lawsuit by Jack H

> May 26, 2015
> Dear Fellow Anglers and Spear Fisher Men,
> The reason you are receiving this letter is because myself and a group of concerned fisherman associated with The Fishing Rights Alliance have filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government opposing the enactment Amendment 40, an ill-advised fisheries management scheme developed and backed by the environmental community and other benefiting entities(Federally permitted charter boat operators).
> As most of you know, the amendment has been signed by the Secretary of Commerce and forced down the throats of fishermen in the face of 96% opposition. Amendment 40 will take 42% of the 14,000,000 pounds of RED Snapper allotted to the recreational sector by National Marine Fisheries and award the Red Snapper(42%) to a select number of that federally permitted charter fisherman.
> Those lucky few charter boat operators will take ownership of roughly 5.9 million pounds of Red Snapper that were once allotted to the general public. Those charter fisherman will have the option of either catching those fish and charging those who ride on their boats exorbitant fees, leasing their fish to other charter captains for a fee or selling their fish to other charter captains. It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out that the amount of fish they will be gifting each charter captain is so vast that they will never actually catch them. Instead, they will have the luxury of sitting on their couches at home while making loads of money off their gift of our common resource courtesy of the Gulf Council.
> Attached is a PDF file containing the complaint. We feel our case has merit and our chances of winning are excellent. We are also aware that an appeal may follow any decision on either side.
> The plaintiffs mentioned in the suit have put up substantial money in order to initiate the action. I am asking each of you to consider making a contribution to aid in executing this lawsuit. Any amount is welcome and appreciated. It is the ninth-inning in this case and time for all of us who enjoy offshore fishing to join together in opposition of this big government takeover.
> Below is information to send a contribution for the lawsuit. Any questions can be directed at myself or Counselor Berman. I can be reached at 813–235-3358
> Craig L. Berman
> Plaza Tower
> 111 Second Avenue N.E.
> Suite 706
> St. Petersburg, FL 33701
> (727) 550-8989
> (727) 894-6251 (fax)
> (727) 515-0847 (cell)
> Fla. Bar No. 068977
> I thank you in advance for your support and hope that soon we will all be fishing for Red Snapper more within the guidelines of the healthy stocks.
> Tight lines.
> Jack Hexter