Fishing Report 2.15.15 Ken J

Fishing Report
Kayak fishing Sunday Feb 15th
Was a little windy but the sun was out and made for a fairly nice day.
Caught a couple of  sheepshead 16-18″ around some oyster bars while I was looking for some redfish.   Moved out into a muddy bottom area and threw a topwater “super spook jr”  lure a bit.   Caught one nice trout but missed two others. I don’t know how a trout can bite that lure and not get hooked well.  But they do.   Around lunchtime,  I moved to a rocky area with some moving water.  The black drum bite was on fire.  Caught my 5 fish limit —one right after the other —and all the fish were  19-23″.  They are a lot of fun to catch and are really good fighters.   They will spin a kayak around 360 degrees.  Called it day and headed in.