Fishing Report 6.2.15 Frank B

Yesterday, June 1 opened the 10 day Red Snapper season here in the Florida Gulf.  Chet J, Dave T and I went fishing with Captain Jack Hexter in search of this tasty reef inhabitant.  Jack had set out some pin fish traps the night before and after stopping and stocking the live well with plenty of pin fish we were off by about 7:15 am for the 61 mile ride westward into the Gulf.  We arrived at our first location around 9:30 and almost immediately Jack had an amber jack on, he was using light weight tackle (trout set up) and after a lengthy fight the good size amber jack was landed.  Chet liked the idea so much he got his trout rig out and he was into an even bigger amber jack, this one took even longer to land and was in the 30+ inch range.  Not to be left out Dave Taylor hooked an AJ and since we couldn’t  get thought the AJ’s to the bottom we moved to another spot.  We collected one keeper snapper, a 30 inch gag and a small red grouper.  We had been anchored at these locations and when we moved to the next location we decided to drift.  We caught a few more Red Snapper, yellow tails and onw Lane Snapper.  Having drifted over the area several times we pick a good location and finished out our bag limit of RS anchored100_5970 100_5972 100_5974 100_5975 100_5976 100_5979 100_5980 100_5981.  We were on our way home by 1:30pm and back at the dock by 3:30pm.  It was a beautiful day on the water and the seas very calm.  A great day of fishing was had by all and many thanks to Captain Jack.