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2.22.18 Inshore

Name of Captain captain Sean Signore
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 02-22-2018
Your Name Rick Uffa
Your Fishing Report: If this is a tournament report do not state the fish’s length in this box. State the length and species in the box below I called Sean up and we went out on the incoming tide. I saw a fish jump in our canal and  I threw my jig with a white carrot top and a big trout hit it, so we anchored  up and caught them for about 20 minutes, Sean want to leave and get white bait, so we went to the sunken sail boat and I cast had  the live well full, so we then ventured up the Anclote river and just started  hitting difference sots. One spot we hit the  big jacks and  nice snook, I got 2 , one in the slot and the other just under, Sean landed a 25″ snook. Ck video of what we thought was an other big snook.

After the tide changed we went to the sand bar for 1 hr and nothing at all, so we came back into the north  channel of G.H. and  we fish  a spot Sean had good luck  at. We chumped the snook up better good, and they were hitting the bait, but would not hit ours at all, so we called it a day.

rick Uffa

Rick Uffa 29″ snook

18 1/2″ speckled trout


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