Offshore 11-11-15 With Mike Kaplan

IMG_20151111_130625552 IMG_20151111_102613719 IMG_20151111_095021030 IMG_20151111_095012074IMG_20151111_174739676~IMG_20151111_173641745Mike invited Chet and Jim M. for an offshore trip. Chet put out a couple pinfish traps a couple days before the trip so we had plenty of live bait as we headed out of the Hudson Channel around 7:00am. Dave Taylor and his crew were right behind us for part of the bumpy trip out.  We anchored up in 48 feet of water where the bottom machine showed columns of bait fish along with some big fish in the middle of them. It was not long before we started hulling in several large Amber Jacks. It got to the point we wanted out of the AJ’s. That is when the Grouper started to bite. We limited out on the Gags, all but one in the 28 to 30 some inch lengths. Had to throw back other keepers since we had our limit. Also had to throw back a keeper size Red. Mike was fighting a huge Gag grouper when a shark took everything but the grouper head which he left for Mike to hull in. (see picture). Mike also caught a nice Snapper. We were back in the channel after a nice smooth ride back in time to catch a beautiful sunset. It was a great day on the water with great friends. Thank You Mike for taking Jim and myself with you today.