8.26.17 Inshore

Date you went fishing 08-25-2017
Your Name rick Uffa
Mike Spanhel and my-self ( rick Uffa) hooked up with Mike K.

We left as usual EARLY. Mike had put some traps out the day before, and  they were loaded with all type of bait in the morning.

The sea gods were nice to us  again,  just a little rough going out but nice all day, and it was a very cloudy day, so that even made it nicer to fish.

Mike  hit 5-6 different spots but the fish were there on his screen, but weren’t cooperating very well.

We caught a few keeper grouper, and almost limited out on ars, again nothing Hugh.

The catch of the day was, Mike  K saw a large cobia swimming round the boat, so we both threw in our free lines at him, and he decided to hit my live 4″ grunt.  It took about 75 yards of line before he started to slow down, he made a few  jumps way out and deep dives around the boat,  I got him close and  Mike gaffed him, in 1 try. Mike estimated it to weigh at least 40+ lbs

Mike S and I want to thanks Mike for a great day on the water as usual.

Rick Uffa

8.25.17 Rick U

Rick U 8.25.17 b

8.23.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Mike Travica
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 08-23-2017
Your Name Mike Brumley
Left from Anclote Marina and headed to area near sailboat.  Nothing much there so headed to Fred Howard Park.  Caught a few undersized trout.  Decided to drift from the sandbar.  It was there that we caught several trout (one nice one), several mangrove snapper (one keeper and one just short).  We used soft plastics on a jig and a few drifted shrimp.  Got one bite off and shredded line so at least one mackerel out there.  Nice breeze so weather was bearable but also meant some chop.  Beautiful and safe day on the water and a fish fry for dinner.  Thanks Mike Travica – Mike B

Mike T 8.23.17

8.20.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Mike Spanhel
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 08-20-2017
Your Name Frank Bellizio

Mike 8.20.17 a

Mike 8.20.17 b

Capt. Mike Spanhel and I headed out of his dock at Gulf Harbors at 8:30 am.  It was clear with a light breeze and the seas were calm.  We decided to start the day in some deeper water, about 11″, at a spot where we had fished together in the past.  We were in the north south channel near the north end of Anclote Key.   We used artificial only and white, chartreuse and pink seemed to be the hot colors. We noticed a 2 mile long weed bed drifting near us and as we drifted it got quite close.  The grass held lots of small bait fish and we immediately caught trout.  As time went on we caught not only trout but gag grouper, lizard fish, lady fish, sharks, sea bass and mangrove snapper. We were fishing the incoming tide and the bite stayed strong the entire time.  We drifted one end of the weeds to the other several times with the same results until the top of high tide when the bite stopped.  It was around 11:30 am and getting hot.  We had caught over 30 trout (large and small) and lots of other fish.  We headed in, cleaned up the boat and I was on my way home by 12 noon.  Thanks Mike for a great day of fishing


8.18.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Jack Hexter
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 08-18-2017
Your Name Jack Hexter
At 6:30, Mike Spanhel, Bill Hilt ang Gary Melton met Jack Hexter at Chet’s dock where his boat was docked.  They took off out the Cotree and collected pinfish from the traps that Jack had placed the evening before.  Then we all settled in for a 2 hour run to the 44 wreck in 110′ of water.  Jack has 2 numbers within several hundred feet of each other for this wreck, but it was a no-show.  It did not appear on the bottom machine at all, but numerous fish did appear, so after drifting the area a few times they finally dropped the anchor and picked away at the fish on the screen.  This resulted in boating 1 ARS, 4 Mangroves, 1 Yellowtail, several short red grouper and a short scamp Grouper.  Jack had fished a spot about 1/2 way in both in his boat and on Mike Spanhel’s boat a coupe times in the last month, both times it produced ARS.  So, about noon, we took off for that spot, but the weather had other plans and we were ( and did pass thru a very heavy rain storm ( no thunder or lightening, but some brisk winds.  This caused a slow run to the spot in 73′ but by the time they arrived, the sun had returned and winds had diminished to some extent.  Fish showed on the bottom machine, but a half dozen or more drops resulted in only 2 more short red grouper so Jack pulled the plug and turnerd the boat back toward Port Richey, and right into another rainstorm.  This cleared about the time they got to the headpin at the Cotee River.  It was a fun, soggy and not very productive day.  At least we know the 44 Wreck does not exist anymore


8.16.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Mike Brumley
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 08-16-2017
Your Name Mike Brumley
Went out to fish the sandbar.  Got some white bait by the sailboat and then tried our luck in the cut north of sandbar.  Not much luck, a couple small mackerel and a ladyfish.  Went to in front of sandbar and caught a three foot black tip shark and a few ladyfish, and some small speckled trout.  Left around noon as it was warming up.  Not terrible but nothing much to write about.

Rick U 8.16

All about hooks

I saw this video and thought everyone in the club might like to see it so I have posted it here.  There is also a link to the video on our Helpful Websites page.


Tampa Bay 8.12

Name of Captain Chris Grover
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 08-12-2017
Your Name Robert  Grover
My son Chris and I went out Saturday morning leaving the dock about 6:30 am. We were in Tampa Bay near the Gandy Bridge. First order of the day was to get bait and we chummed for a few minutes and then were able to fill the live well with white bait. We headed toward the west side of the bay and found a nice flats area where we started catching some nice Snook. We fished there for a while and then headed back east and fished another spot with minimal success. An approaching storm had us going back to the dock about 11am. All in all a great day fishing with my son. We caught our fish freelining our white bait using a number one hoo


Robert G 8.14.17 b

Robert G 8.14.17 a

8.13.17 Offshore

Name of Captain Mike Spanhel
Where were you fishing? Offshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report No
Date you went fishing 08-13-2017
Your Name Mike Spanhel
Robert Grover, Pete Steeneck and Jack Hexter joined me on my first venture to 30+ miles out. Reached out first stop after dodging rain. After anchoring the rain caught up with us. This spot was not productive so we went to a spot that Jack was kind enough to share. It took a couple of hours but we ended with our limit of 8 red snapper. Also caught shout red grouper and Jack said goodbye to a just short gag grouper. Our last stop was back in to about 55′ of water and yielded short red and gag grouper. Coming in we also dodged rain but made it in safely, fish and boat cleaned and home by 4 PM. Thanks Jack/Robert/Pete for a good and productive day on the water. Sorry no pics having trouble resizing, maybe next time.

Jack H 8.13 b

Jack H 8.13

Mike S 8.13

Pete S 8.13

8.10.17 Inshore

Name of Captain Bill Joyce
Where were you fishing? Inshore
Is this a tournament entry Fishing Report Yes
Date you went fishing 08-10-2017
Your Name Bill Joyce
Your Fishing Report: If this is a tournament report do not state the fish’s length in this box. State the length and species in the box below I braved the heat today and fished from 8 to 12 noon on the flats in front of the power plant using shrimp. I caught a couple of small trout and 2 keepers. Keeper fish were in deeper water or 8 feet or more. Beautiful day and my fix for the week. Tightlines