GPS Coordinates

Here are some links to GPS locations provided by the State Of Florida for reefs and wrecks off Hernando Pinellas and Pasco Counties.


Here are some GPS Locations provided by Mike Kaplan

Pasco 1               28.15.148N     082.27.394W

Pasco 3               28.11.500N     083.03.560W

Richardson Reef   28.31.480N     082.55.060W

Tank 4                 28.17.735N     083.01.123W

Tank 8                 28.17.641N     083.01.086W

Tank 3                 28.17.000N     083.01.000W

R.J. Thompson      28.18.590N     083.14.687W

Hudson Rocks       28.22.360N     082.55.140W

Hudson Reef North 28.22.480N     082.56.990W

Pasco 4                 28.22.241N     082.56.999W

Pasco 2                 28.18.050N     083.00.957W

GPS Numbers with distances from Durney Key